The Ministry of the Economy and Innovation and the Ministry of Culture and Communication have awarded the Yves Gérin Award to Québec to honor his outstanding scientific career, his contribution to the development of sociology of science and scientometrics, as well as the influence of its work on an international scale.

The awards ceremony was held on November 21 at the National Assembly. It can be viewed online on the Prix du Québec website. The speech given by Yves Gingras can be read here.

To find out more about the researcher's career, visit the laureate's page on the Prix du Québec website. 

Before the provincial elections, Yves Gingras takes a look at Quebec science policy.
» audio stream (FR)

Yves Gingras comments on the science revisionism exhibited at the congress on the flat earth, held in Winnipeg. 
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The documentary La démocratie des crédules : le paradoxe d'internet, which aired on Radio-Canada, is interested in the proliferation of conspiracy theories in the internet era, thanks to multiple interventions from Yves Gingras.
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Invited at the Canadian Senate to celebrate the Confederation's 150th anniversary, Yves Gingras talks about the history of science in Canada.
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The Russian edition of Yves GingrasBibliometrics and Research Evaluation, Uses and Abuses was recently published by Novoe Literaturnoe Obozrenie, based in Moscow.
It is titled Oshibki v otsenke nauki

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» read the review published in CAUT / ACCPU (EN)

In an article tracing the surprising life of Livia Thür, first female president of ACFAS, we find an audio interview done by Yves Gingras in 1992 as part of preliminary research for his book on the history of ACFAS.
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Tocqueville, mostly known for his writings on democracy, also showed an interest for science, as writes Yves Gingras in Le Devoir d'histoire.
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On a visit to Paris and to France Culture radio, Yves Gingras talks history of science and scientific misinformation on the show La suite dans les idées.
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Yves Gingras cautions us against those that postulate that big data will mean the end of theory.
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Yves Gingras offers an enlightening critique of artificial intelligence, a fuzzy concept mostly employed by the business sector that should be approached with care by academics.
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Yves Gingras talks about his « Lettres biologiques » book and explains what motivated him to publish the correspondance between Marie-Victorin and Marcelle Gauvreau, what it teaches us on the Quebec scientist and the effects of these surprising revelations.
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Yves Gingras contextualizes the controversy around the honorary degree awarded to David Suzuki by the University of Alberta.
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Yves Gingras will sit on the scientific committee which will oversee the Austrian EU Council Presidency Conference on the Impact of Social Sciences and Humanities for a European Research Agenda - Valuation of SSH in mission-oriented research. This conference will take place on November 28th and 29th 2018 in Vienna, Austria.
» conference website (EN)

Yves Gingras reacts to the controversy surrounding the award of an honorary doctorate to David Suzuki by the University of Alberta.
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Dialogue between Jean-René Roy and Yves Gingras, who talk about the history of science, their favourite scientists, the importance of scientific instruments, and the inevitable links between science and society.
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What pushes some researchers to walk for science? Yves Gingras offers some answers in his column on Les années lumière.
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In connection to the controversy over private interference at the Centre de recherche sur les grains, Yves Gingras speaks about the consequences of the gradual disappearance of research done within government departments.
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On the show Dessine-moi une dimanche, Yves Gingras is asked about the history of science in Quebec and on Marie-Victorin.
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In this article retracing the history of a debate on a possible hierarchy between science and indigenous knowledge, the National Post sought Yves Gingras's opinion on the distinction between traditional and scientific knowledge.

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In this opinion letter, Yves Gingras reflects, from a psychological perspective, on the attraction of money among Quebec medical specialists.

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Yves Gingras intervenes in Le Devoir about scientific independence when it comes to controlling the use of pesticides in agriculture.

» article (FR)

Interventions on the book of Yves Gingras which has just been published, Lettres biologiques (Éditions Boréal) du Frère Marie-Victorin : 

» Midi info, ICI Première (7 février 2018)
» Plus on est de fous, plus on lit, ICI Première (8 février 2018)
» Écoutez l’Estrie, ICI Première (8 février 2018)
» Pour faire un monde, ICI Première Régina (8 février 2018)
» Le monde aujourd’hui, ICI Première Rimouski (8 février 2018)
» Boréale 138, ICI Première Sept-Iles (8 février 2018)
» Région zéro 8, ICI Première Rouyn-Noranda (8 février 2018)
» Sur le vif, ICI Première Ottawa (8 février 2018) 
» Interview at the show 24/60 à propos de la correspondance sexuelle du Frère Marie- Victorin (ICI RDI, SRC, 7 février 2018) 
» Interview at the show Enquête consacrée à la correspondance sexuelle du Frère Marie-Victorin (Première chaîne, SRC, 8 février 2018)
» read the review published in Présence INFO (FR)
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